RELAX NOW! is a simple process which you can use whenever you feel the need to RELAX or to be more Self-Confident or to be more Resourceful.

  1. Sit comfortably and notice the way you are breathing. Breathe more deeply. Breathe more slowly. Let unwanted thoughts just pass through, as your relaxation becomes even deeper.
  2. Think how you would like to be. Think of the resources you would like to have. Think of a simple word that represents the way you want to be. (You will need this word later).
  3. Now sitting in that comfortable way, breathing deeply and slowly let your unconscious mind remember a time, in the past, or in your imagination, when you enjoyed the experience you want for yourself now.

As you picture it in your mind, notice what you see, hear the sounds you can hear and notice how it feels. Is the feeling moving or still? Where in your body do you feel it?

Hear again the sounds and notice how easily you can make them even more clear. As you see what you can see, make it brighter in your mind's eye, make the colours even more colourful.

...and as you 'tune up' the picture, the sounds and the feeling, let them become as clear as you would like to...and then THINK your word.

Do it again, and again, each time noticing how much easier and how much faster you are doing it, until you have re-run it about eight or ten times.

Well done!

Now remember how you were before we started this and THINK the word.

Notice the difference? Any time you are feeling less resourceful than you would like THINK the word.

You have installed a really useful resource in your unconscious mind. We normally find it easier to respond to unhelpful unconscious resources, like "I'm no good at this"or "He/ She or even 'They' is/are better than me".

You now have one resource to move you from the old pattern to something far more useful.

Why not store some more? You can use words or actions (like touching your ear or finger with the thumb) to access them so have some fun and notice the difference that makes the difference.