Personal Change - Why you?

Dealing with change can be difficult, to say the least, as we are living in a world where change is constant. It is important that we recognise whether or not a particular change is within or outside our own control. If it is within our control then finding the resources within ourselves to make the change can be made easier with some external help and support.

It is essential that this support is:-
Expert, Qualified and Confidential = 'B a l a n c e'

What sort of issues?
Being shytoFeeling good
Unhelpful habitstoA new control
Fear and phobiastoCourage
StresstoPositive energy
Nerves prior to 'events'toQuiet Confidence
SmokingtoBeing a "Non-Smoker"
Weight issuestoFeeling good about yourself
Expecting failuretoKnowing success

'Balance' enables you to move from those things you want to change by helping you to access resources you already have but didn't know it!

"Each of us has, or can create, the resources we need to do whatever we want."